Sex, Lies and Console Wars

January 12, 2010 by Alex Beech  

Now I have to ask you bear with me through this comparison of why “console wars” are stupid. Some of what is said to many could be considered immoral, but I regret none of it and everyone involved was aware of my situation. It regards a time in my life when I was broken hearted and I went on what something of a binge before I left University. It was a week of fun and stress that made me realize it doesn’t matter what you have you should be happy with it, and more importantly, there is no need to try and denigrate other peoples fun for the sake of you own sense of self worth.

The week of which I speak was after I finished my Master course, and was working at my Alma Marta settling in new post grad students. My work consisted of carrying people bags to their rooms during the day and, at night, taking new initiates to bars, clubs and parties.

Having already left the university and having no accommodation my plan was to couch surf. What ended up happening was one night on a floor, one night in my Ford Escort… and numerous nights in various beds.

One of the girls in question enjoyed hanging out with our shared friends and me. There was a slight language barrier (she was Chinese) but it was never enough to stop us sitting by the river talking until the early hours of the morning. Given different, less heart broken state of mind on my part things could have been fantastic. One day she said she loved me, but in my heart broken state I didn’t feel I could commit and so ran away.

The next individual I met was from North America. Always wanting to socialize, drink, talk or dance it didn’t matter what we were doing as long as it was a party. Active fun, and always exciting every one liked her. But it all came at a cost, all of the socializing, clubs and drinking added up and pretty soon I was spending more money that I was making in my work. Thankfully it all only lasted a week so my overdraft absorbed the cost, but to stick with it would have been difficult. Despite the cost it was the relationship I could have seen the most future in, managing to be entertaining in every situation. For the record, she was white, from North America and larger than life.

The final lady in question I met at a club while waiting in line. We were talking and hitting it off pretty well, but then out of nowhere my friend came and grabbed me (a doorman at the club) before proceeding to throw me in to the club. I was happy drinking with my friends so forgot about her until two hours later when she found me. Apparently she had been looking for me and having found me proceeded to take me strait back to her apartment. We never went out together but did a lot of time in together.

If you have seen through my paper thin analogies you will probably be aware of the similarities between each of these girls and the three players in the console wars (if you haven’t it was Wii, 360, PS3 respectively). I will let you decide if my experiences are true or fabricated for the sake of this discussion, but it isn’t my possible social life that is the point here. The point is, if I had been in any position to start a relationship I would have pick one of these girls based on what she offered and contributed to me as an individual.

In the short term I know we are attracted to cute, sexy and hot. That is the nature of initial attraction. It is when we consider the long term that we measure merits of everything on offer carefully. We judge what we what, what we need and what is offered. If I wanted to sit at home and enjoy quiet times as a couple I would have dated a PS3… for example. My conclusion would be drawn from a criteria would I had created, and unless someone was a very close friend and was truly concerned I was making and grievous error. No one would say that their girlfriend was better mine for some arbitrary reason based on a check-list of things that they consider important.

So why is it that everyone on the Internet feels they know what is good for me, and believes my choices are wrong. If I chose a partner based on the fact we shared friends and it made socializing all the more fun no one would point out the yearly fee of going to bars to stay connected with her an my friends was a bad thing. Or if there were certain things that only my stay-at-home-together girlfriend would do with me… for example playing with my Solid Snake… then no one dating her would seem to be the perfect thing to do.

Everybody has a personal preference in what they want and what they like, in relationships and their consoles. For the most part the people who go out yelling about how their choice is better than anyone else’s are the ones who are most insecure about something and are attempting to overcompensate.

If you are yelling at the guy who likes Wii because he only plays when his friends are around then all you are doing is showing that you have no imagination to understand his position, and no real friends to play with on your coach. Similarly if you are reaming somebody out for choosing a PS3 because of poor online or fewer games then all you really archive is demonstrating that you don’t respect people personal preferences the games they want to experience. Finally of course if you feel the 360 needs a good hammering for all of its extra charges then remember they are paying, but receiving the better service and support for their money.

Me I have all three so I am set (consoles that is, I am a one woman man these days). Chances are that, given the choice and money, you would want all three too (again consoles) but failing that settle for the one you have and are with if it makes you happy (either) and don’t let anyone tell you they know what makes you happy better than you do.


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