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December 2, 2009 by Dave Burns  
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Christmas is a time for giving and I decided that I would buy my mother a Black Wii with a few games.  After searching around online I found a great deal from Gameplay a Wii Black Console with Wii Sports Resort + New Super Mario Bros and Mario Power for £179.99 – Bargain right? I thought so, so I grabbed my card and ordered it.  3 Days later I’m sitting at my computer wondering whats happened to my order so I log in and check my account and find my order has been cancelled, I wondered if my bank was being silly so I checked my account and I still have funds so I get my better half to give them a call for me.  They cancelled my order because I wasn’t registered on the Electoral Role – which in fact I am and I have a massive amount of spam from Lib Dem, Labour, UKIP etc etc to prove that I am.  So they cancelled my order because they think I’m not on a list and whats more is they didn’t have the decency to email me about it.  Whats more is the guy on the phone was extremely snotty about the situation but when he heard that I run several successful gaming sites the guy tried to remedy the situation which only ended up in the phone being put down.

My day job involves running some extremely successful ecommerce websites and there is a law in place that says all online stores in the UK must use 3D Secure, now what is 3D Secure I hear you say?  If you have ever ordered online you will have used this at some point, after you have ordered your goods you get transferred to a page ran by your bank with a Verified by Visa logo somewhere that asks for you 3rd/5th, or whatever order, of your password and this confirms that this is not a fraudulent purchase.  Gameplay do NOT use this feature thus meaning they are defying UK law and could be taken to court.

Gameplay have seriously annoyed me with this, not only have they got false information on me they are also breaking the law.  Also I’m pretty sure that they have NO right in checking my details on the Electoral Role unless I’m going for a finance option, which, they don’t offer and quite frankly I wouldn’t use because I pride myself on being debt free.

Have you had any problems with Gameplay?  Have I got anything wrong in this post? Let me know in the comments below and perhaps advise my actions.

Gameplay you have just lost a customer and £179.99 from me, and I’m pretty sure I would of carried on using the service for many years to come.

Modern Warfare 2 leaderboards reset before launch

November 2, 2009 by Dave Burns  
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Don’t you just hate it when you have been waiting in a queue for 2 hours for the midnight launch of a game just to get it home and see people on the leaderboards with thousands of kills?  Well Infinity Ward have announced that they will reset the leaderboards for Modern Warfare 2 before the games official launch due to people getting there grubby little mitts on the title before launch.  We welcome this with open arms and hope that everyone gets a fair chance to hit the top of the leaderboards.

Chet Faliszek killing our DLC dreams

November 2, 2009 by Dave Burns  
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At the Eurogamer Expo on Saturday we spoke to Chet Faliszek in a Q&A regarding Left 4 Dead 2 and it appears that the DLC options found in the Left 4 Dead 2 demo were just placeholders for testing that were supposed to have been removed before the demo hit.  We got our hands on the title and found it extremely fun and is still as intense as before.  Expect some Zombie slaying fun shortly.

No demo for Assassins Creed 2

November 2, 2009 by Dave Burns  
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Banking on a demo to decide whether or not to buy Assassins Creed II?  Well Ubisoft have just shattered that idea by telling us that a demo will not be available for Assassins Creed II.  Open world games tend to not have demos so we can’t say we’re surprised by this announcement but hell we all know AC2 will be cooler than the coolest thing since cool things originated.

Modern Warfare 2 Kill Streaks Leaked

November 2, 2009 by Dave Burns  
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Gamepex have stumbled upon all the kill streaks available for Modern Warfare 2 thats due for release in 8 days (7 days and 12 hours to be exact and yes we are counting).  We still get UAV at 3 kills and Chopper at 7 but we also get a Tactical Nuke at 25 kills!  Looks like I’m going to camp it up then :)

Here’s the full list:

3 Kills — UAV
4 Kills — Care Package
4 Kills — Counter UAV
5 Kills — Sentry Gun
5 Kills — Predator Missile
6 Kills — Precision Airstrike
7 Kills — Strike
7 Kills — Attack Heli
8 Kills — Emergency Airdrop
9 Kills — Pave Low
9 Kills — Stealth Bomber
11 Kills — Chopper Gunner
11 Kills — AC-130
15 Kills — EMP
25 Kills — Tactical Nuke

UK Charts (Week ending 31st October 09)

November 2, 2009 by Dave Burns  
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1. Football Manager 2010 (Sega)
2. Wii Fit Plus (Nintendo)
3. FIFA 10 (EA Sports)
4. Forza Motorsport 3 (Microsoft)
5. Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (Konami)
6. Grand Theft Auto Episodes – Liberty City (Rockstar)
7. Mario & Sonic at Olympic Winter Games (Sega)
8. Tekken 6 (Namco Bandai Games)
9. Borderlands (2K Games)
10. Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo)
11. WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 (THQ)
12. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (Sony)
13. Need for Speed: Shift (EA Games)
14. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (Codemasters)
15. Lega Batman: The Videogame (Warner Bros.)
16. Professor Layton and Pandoras Box (Nintendo)
17. Wii Fit (Nintendo)
18. EyePet (Sony)
19. Super Smash Bros: Brawl (Nintendo)
20. DJ Hero (Activision)

Panzer General Allied Assault raids Xbox Live Arcade

October 22, 2009 by Dave Burns  
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Panzer General Allied Assault has landed exclusively onto Xbox Live Arcade and is available for 800 Microsoft Points (£6.80).  The game is set in the final months of the Allies campaign to push the Germans back and win the war.  PGAA is a turn based strategy game with cards based on famous battles such as Battle of the Bulge and Utah Beach.  Look out for our review soon!

THQ announce Metro 2033

October 22, 2009 by Dave Burns  
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THQ have just announced a new FPS thats due to hit our shelves sometime next year and is based on the book Metro 2033 by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky.  Metro 2033 is based funnily enough in 2033 in post apocalyptic Russia and see’s everyone living underground for several generations battling mutants on the overground.  Metro 2033 will be available for Xbox 360 and PC sometime next year.  More info can be found at

VGR needs you!

October 22, 2009 by Dave Burns  
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Here at VGR we’re looking for more news writers to come over and help us out.  We’re looking for News Writers, PS3, Wii & PC Reviewers and Article Writers to join our team and help bring quality content to the site.  The positions are on volentary basis but we do however send writers freebies from time to time when we can manage you will also get to keep any games you are sent.  We also send our staff out to press events from time to time and of course give you a written reference if need be. 

Interested? make sure you can meet the following criteria:

  • English skills (college level and above)
  • Passion for gaming
  • Aged 18+
  • Show initiative in your writing
  • Be original, don’t rip off other peoples work!
  • Few hours to spare each week

News writers will need to be able to use Photoshop for imagery on news posts.

We are only looking for Wii / PS3 and PC reviewers – no 360 reviewers needed!

To apply for a position send an email to with the position your applying for in the subject line.  Be sure to include your full name, location and age along with a piece of your writing.

Closing date: Friday 30th October

Halo 3: O.D.S.T

October 8, 2009 by Dave Burns  
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Title: Halo 3: O.D.S.T

Release Date: October 22nd

Developer/Publisher: Bungie / Microsoft

Genre: First Person Shooter (FPS)

Platform[s]: Xbox 360


In a break from the trend of Halo titles you play a Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST) and you specialise in situations too extreme for the average marine.  We begin the game on-board a star ship just outside of Earth’s atmosphere preparing to drop into action to battle with the Covenant as they invade the city of New Mombasa, located in Africa some years from now.  What’s different from other Halo titles is you are Human, no more dual wielding weapons, no more jumping into the sky and more importantly no more health regeneration.  Health is available throughout the game in the form of medical dispensers located throughout the city but they are few and far between so instead of the traditional run and gun method that you are used to with previous titles, you will find yourself taking on more of a stealthy approach.

Now its a pretty hard task summing up the storyline without giving too much away, basically you will have to find your way throughout the city finding clues which provoke flashbacks of your team mates as they were scattered throughout New Mombasa after the drop, these flashbacks however are controlled by you.


As mentioned before the game plays a little different because you are human and you can get hurt very easily, you will find yourself getting killed and returning to check points time after time again!  Other than that the games plays surprisingly well.  I am not a Halo fan and I probably will never be one, I am however impressed by the subtle changes to the system that make the game play fairly differently to any title I’ve touched before from the Halo universe.

From the start I found myself getting nervous before turning every corner or spending ages calculating my route through the city to find my objective, its not that I’m scared of being ambushed by the Covenant, its more to do with the fact that I’m probably going to get my arse kicked into oblivion by the weakest of enemies, this coupled with sparse ammo and health makes ODST different to most games I play, it’s very intense at the best of times and requires a fair amount of planning and a lot of dying.


Only minor tweaks have been made to the engine since the release of Halo 3 but the saying goes “If it’s not broke then why fix it?” and I think Bungie have certainly proved this with both Halo 3 and ODST.  Although at times you sit there and think £40 is a lot for something that was originally planned as an expansion to Halo 3 you can see that it is indeed well worth the money when you first sit down and play this title.  One of the new features implemented is a special visor that on the ODST’s have, this highlight enemies as red, friendly’s as green and it also has a neat night vision ability.  The visor also highlights objects and areas of interest, whether this be a health dispenser, a flashback item or a collectible that unlocks audio clips from the initial invasion of New Mombasa which include clues to what actually happened.



Like typical Halo games the game includes an excellent classical score which reflects the mood and sombre of the game, the only irritating thing with the music is, unlike other games, the score doesn’t change in battle scenarios, the music will stay intense even after you have cleared an area of Covenant so it leaves you with the feeling there are more bad ass aliens lurking around every corner that you turn.  As a games reviewer I try to scrutinise every aspect of the game and previously I used to be a sound designer so obviously if there was a fault I would find it, that being said the only fault I could find is with the dramatisation of the classical backdrop of music.  The fire fights are intense and the whole surround sound is balanced perfectly!  I used both a Turtle Beach headset and my Gaming Chair to test the sound and I found both delivered excellent, high quality effects that your grandmother would even approve of, even if shes deaf.

Overall Score & Replayability

Overall the game consists of a fairly short campaign mode that can be completed in around 4-6 hours but with higher difficulty settings and the use of co-op you could probably find yourself playing the campaign several times over.  Firefight mode (Think ‘Horde’ from Gears but with Covenant) will probably keep you playing this game for the foreseeable future with a wide range of levels and of course skulls!  If your a legendary Halo fan then your collection will not be complete without this title but for the average gamer you probably would play this a few times and trade it in, that being said the game should be on everyone’s want list even if your not a fan of the Halo IP.


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