Sony Trademarks ‘Playstation Arc’ In Japan

March 2, 2010 by Thomas Mulrooney  
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The wand like motion control device that Sony revealed at E3 last June is yet to be given a proper name (other than “Sony Motion Controller” anyway), but a trademark filing and previous reports have put us one step closer to finding out just what Sony intends to call its new controller.

Siliconera noticed that Sony has previously filed a trademark for the name “Playstation Arc” in Japan. While companies seem to file trademarks for random names all the time this one is particularly intriguing because VG247 said earlier this year that an anonymous source had told them “Arc” would indeed be the final name.  The domain has also been registered by Sony, whilst THQ’s CEO has referred to the device as “Arc” a number of times.

If we put everything together then it may seem fairly obvious that the device will be called “Arc” when it is released later this year. Of course, we could all be wrong and Sony may just be registering the name for another idea they have in the pipeline. In the end I guess the only thing we can say is to place your bets now and hope that all the evidence is correct.

GDC is coming up next week, so hopefully we’ll find out more details then.

Latest Halo: Reach gameplay runs at 30fps

February 18, 2010 by Ivan Cronyn  
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Recent footage of Halo: Reach at Microsoft’s X10 press event are looking promising. A poster at Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry said:

Overall performance is extremely smooth during gameplay. Not only do we see a remarkably solid 30FPS in most clips, it’s clear that Bungie has added a great deal more in the way of post-processing work to the new engine. While Reach overall seems to run at the same frame-rate as Halo 3, it looks and probably feels smoother owing to a decent camera motion blur effect.

Only two clips – one cut-scene, one gameplay – show a consistent drop down to 20FPS. During the assassination scene (around 00:16), we do see torn frames though. It may well be the case that some clips have v-sync engaged, others don’t. We have to remember that this is alpha footage, and presumably there’s still a hell of a lot of optimisation to be done; however, it’s likely that the fundamental elements of the engine are now solid and the performance overall looks promising.

While overall capture quality of the clips is low even in Bungie’s own HD version, there are plenty of edges to measure and all of them seem to point towards a native resolution of 1152×720 for the new engine – a significant upgrade over Halo 3’s 1152×640. Anti-aliasing doesn’t appear to be employed, but the improvements in post-processing effects and resolution should make this far less noticeable than it was in Halo 3.

Spike VGAs 2009 Part 1: Winners

December 13, 2009 by Andy Giff  
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Uncharted 2 was the star of the show in terms of awards at the VGAs

Uncharted 2 was the star of the show in terms of awards at the VGAs

Last night the Spike TV Video Game Awards took place over in the USA, and there were many news pieces to come out of there.

First of all is the winners of the awards. I won’t bore you by running through them all, but I will give you a link at the end for more details. The winner of studio of the year was Rocksteady Studios, the team that brought you Arkham Asylum (more on that later). Wii game of the year was New Super Mario Bros. Wii; PS3 game of the year was Uncharted 2; 360 game of the year Left 4 Dead 2; best PC game Dragon Age: Origins and best handheld game was GTA: Chinatown Wars. Uncharted 2 also won the game of the year award. For the full list head here