Activision Buys Rights To Crazy Bones Games

February 19, 2010 by Andy Giff  

GoGo's Crazy Bones have been immensely popular with young children

Activision have apparently snapped up the rights to make games based on GoGo’s Crazy Bones toys in the hope that it will be able to rival the Pokémon games.

Crazy Bones are very popular amongst young children (apparently this is the case in America also) and so Activision would be hoping that any video-games based on the toy franchise would be able to replicate the popularity, and so provide competition for the all-conquering Pokémon.

Personally, I thought the Crazy Bones craze had died down (I collected them myself many years ago) but Activision is not one to invest in something that isn’t going to make them money. I’m not sure that it will rival the insane popularity of the Pokémon games, but it could potentially come close.


2 Comments on "Activision Buys Rights To Crazy Bones Games"

  1. Thomas Mulrooney on Fri, 19th Feb 2010 12:46 pm 

    I had loads of these when I was a kid. I didn’t know they were still going either.

    I vote that Pogs will make a comeback next!

  2. Ivan Cronyn on Mon, 22nd Feb 2010 5:01 pm 

    Activision will no doubt make yet another poor license-heavy game just so that kids can be disappointed next Christmas when grandma gets it for them instead of Halo: Reach.

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