Alan Wake “Most Likely” Won’t Get a Demo

January 20, 2010 by Thomas Mulrooney  

Only a day after it was announced that Crackdown 2 will be getting a demo we find out that another sadly won’t. Well, it’s unlikely anyway.

The game in question is Alan Wake, a game that has been teasing us for years now but only has a few months left until release. Unfortunately we won’t be able to get a taste of the game before release; so we’ll have to purchase the retail release to find out if it’s a tasty meal or one for the bin behind a fancy but unsatisfying restaurant. I hope it’s the former!

The CFO of Remedy, Mika Reini, says there will “most likely not” be a demo, so you will just have to trust yourself and whatever the reviews are like for the game. Not that a demo is always the best representation of the full game, but it surely puts you off if the demo is bad. So, maybe it’s a good thing? We’ll see.

On a happier note Reini did say that Spring is “definitely” the release window for Alan Wake, and that they also have a “specific date” that they will announce in the future.


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