BBC iPlayer on PS3 near broadcast quality

September 8, 2009 by Rob Knight  

PS3 iPlayer

Anthony Rose, Controller of the Online Media Group and Vision for the BBC has heaped praise for Sony’s latest efforts with the Firmware 3.0 version of its’ ever popular iPlayer.

Writing on the BBC Internet Blog he said, “We first released a version of iPlayer for PS3 about a year ago. It worked pretty well, but back then the PS3 used an older version of Flash that didn’t support H.264 playback and didn’t support full-screen mode, which somewhat limited the playback experience we could provide….

Since then, Sony have done a great job of enhancing the PS3’s Flash playback experience, and the latest V3.0 firmware update now includes hardware acceleration in full-screen mode, allowing for a substantial improvement in the playback experience.

Over the past year, we’ve also done a lot of tuning and enhancements to our iPlayer video encoding, including adding a new 1500Kbps “SD quality” format. Put the two together and the result is an iPlayer on PS3 with brilliant video quality – almost as good as broadcast television!”

This praise is even more reason to celebrate for Sony in the same week that sales of the PS3 jumped by a huge 999% after the launch of the revamped PS3 Slim


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