Blog: Gameplay and the cancelled order

December 2, 2009 by Dave Burns  

Christmas is a time for giving and I decided that I would buy my mother a Black Wii with a few games.  After searching around online I found a great deal from Gameplay a Wii Black Console with Wii Sports Resort + New Super Mario Bros and Mario Power for £179.99 – Bargain right? I thought so, so I grabbed my card and ordered it.  3 Days later I’m sitting at my computer wondering whats happened to my order so I log in and check my account and find my order has been cancelled, I wondered if my bank was being silly so I checked my account and I still have funds so I get my better half to give them a call for me.  They cancelled my order because I wasn’t registered on the Electoral Role – which in fact I am and I have a massive amount of spam from Lib Dem, Labour, UKIP etc etc to prove that I am.  So they cancelled my order because they think I’m not on a list and whats more is they didn’t have the decency to email me about it.  Whats more is the guy on the phone was extremely snotty about the situation but when he heard that I run several successful gaming sites the guy tried to remedy the situation which only ended up in the phone being put down.

My day job involves running some extremely successful ecommerce websites and there is a law in place that says all online stores in the UK must use 3D Secure, now what is 3D Secure I hear you say?  If you have ever ordered online you will have used this at some point, after you have ordered your goods you get transferred to a page ran by your bank with a Verified by Visa logo somewhere that asks for you 3rd/5th, or whatever order, of your password and this confirms that this is not a fraudulent purchase.  Gameplay do NOT use this feature thus meaning they are defying UK law and could be taken to court.

Gameplay have seriously annoyed me with this, not only have they got false information on me they are also breaking the law.  Also I’m pretty sure that they have NO right in checking my details on the Electoral Role unless I’m going for a finance option, which, they don’t offer and quite frankly I wouldn’t use because I pride myself on being debt free.

Have you had any problems with Gameplay?  Have I got anything wrong in this post? Let me know in the comments below and perhaps advise my actions.

Gameplay you have just lost a customer and £179.99 from me, and I’m pretty sure I would of carried on using the service for many years to come.


14 Comments on "Blog: Gameplay and the cancelled order"

  1. doomey on Wed, 2nd Dec 2009 3:02 pm 

    sue. that is all.

  2. bill on Wed, 2nd Dec 2009 3:23 pm 

    Yea!The great brit ideology, Sue whenever you can, for whatever you can…

    I’ve had no problems with gameplay.

  3. Ivan Cronyn on Wed, 2nd Dec 2009 3:31 pm 

    Lots of bad reviews about them on the web. Apparently if you tick the bit on the Electoral Register that says “Do not pass these details on to third parties” then Gameplay doesn’t want your business.

  4. psychedelicbabe on Wed, 2nd Dec 2009 3:33 pm 

    i totally agree with you 100%. And what is this that you are not on the electoral role? for a start this shouldnt have to be even brought into the equasion especially seeing as you were paying in full in cash. This usualy only matters if you are aplying for credit. I use online shopping quite alot (being female) and i use the visa verify page on every page i use , in fact if the page doesnt show it i wont buy from there simple. I say sue the ass of them they are clearly discriminating you as it doesnt matter about electoral roles unless your applying for credit? i think they know this too but id seek advice from CAB im sure theres a brief (solicitor) somewhere close by who would love to jump on this case… and im sorry its pissed you of, keep ya chin up :)

  5. Pablo on Wed, 2nd Dec 2009 4:31 pm 

    Sounds like your problem to me not gameplays. Used them for years and not had any problems. If you run successfull games ecommerce sites then why are you even buying from gameplay? Surely you would get some sort of massive discount from one of these amazing sites that you run?

  6. Online Stan on Wed, 2nd Dec 2009 4:37 pm 

    Um, there is NO law that states that Payer Authentication must be used in the UK (3D secure). This mechanic is sponsored by VISA (Verified by Visa) and Mastercard (SecureCode by MasterCard). Last time I looked these companies do not have the ability to write laws in the UK.

    I do know how annoying it is to have an anti fraud measure sack an order and have stopped using sites in the past because of this (you know who you are!)

    Did Gameplay try and process the order for you manually or explain why you didn’t get an email?

  7. Dave Burns on Wed, 2nd Dec 2009 4:56 pm 

    @Pablo – I didnt say Game Ecommerce sites mate

    @Online Stan – No, Gameplay didn’t try and process it again and they never said why I didn’t get an email

    I’ve used Gameplay a few times before and never had a problem – I don’t expect people to start profiling me when I’m trying to spend money though.

  8. funkyphil on Wed, 2nd Dec 2009 6:12 pm 

    Ive only ordered 3 things of them in the past year or so and this is what ive found.
    1.Ordered Xmen origins – Wolverine Ordered one morning at around 10.30am,within a couple of hours i had a phonecall from my credit card saying that there has been “uncommon” activities on my credit card that day.When i asked what they were they could`nt tell me but asked if i`d used my card that day which i had (the game)which was on record but also 5 purchases of unidentified items each costing £175 each.These needless to say were not purchased by me.So my credit card was stopped.This may of been a coincidence but odd all the same.
    2.Ordered Left 4 dead game never arrived and when asked for refund took nearly a month.
    3.Ordered Assassins creed 2 wednesday afternoon 2 days before release and game arrived 10am next morning.

    So as you can see quite a mixed bag from me.I can`t fault the last order but looking at your experiance it make`s me wonder about ordering from then again.

  9. Laura Broome on Wed, 2nd Dec 2009 7:16 pm 

    As the supposedly better half who rang i would just like to add they did mention something about the third parties and ticking the box and they are considered a third party so this probably explains the issue however the man was very rude and very arrogant I am not amused by the situation, i recently had an issue with a game i ordered from games basement but at least when i called theM they were polite and sorted the issue straight away. I am wondering if this company has ever been reported officialy as there seems to be quite a bit of discontent amoung its users.

  10. Lee Wood on Wed, 2nd Dec 2009 7:44 pm 

    I use alot of UK websites to buy my stuff from and I don’t recall any of them using the Verified by Visa/mastercard/whatever system… Including the worlds biggest online shop! (The rainforrest one)

    So if it was law, then they probably would have done it by now…

    If you are genuine, then accept that they made a mistake and replace the order. Afterall they are only protecting themselves!
    If they do it again, then I would consider contacting your bank (or getting your better half too like you did this time) and see if there is anything wrong with your card.

    I have used Gameplay for more years than I care to remember and never once had a problem with them!

  11. Jordan on Thu, 3rd Dec 2009 10:22 am 

    @Pablo He said he runs e-commerce websites not neccesarily games websites.

    Generally I had a few problems with them. Yes I agree when something is wrong, they are rude, unhelpful and ignorrant. I ordered MW2 of them and then they cancelled without telling so I rang up and they told me they couldn’t tell me what was wrong!!

  12. JJ on Thu, 3rd Dec 2009 8:42 pm 

    “My day job involves running some extremely successful ecommerce websites and there is a law in place that says all online stores in the UK must use 3D Secure”

    “Gameplay do NOT use this feature thus meaning they are defying UK law and could be taken to court.”

    This article gave me a good laugh, but those bits in particular made me lol. Do you SERIOUSLY think that a national company with this kind of turnover (which, if you do not know, is owned by Game) would break the law in such an obvious way?!

    If you want some advice on your actions:

    1) Learn to spell and use English correctly
    2) Stop being such a doofus

  13. Ivan Cronyn on Fri, 4th Dec 2009 10:50 am 

    JJ, are personal attacks really necessary?

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