DS Flash Carts Backed By Court Ruling

December 6, 2009 by Andy Giff  

Nintendo attempted to sue makers of DS Flash Carts such as the R4

Nintendo attempted to sue makers of DS Flash Carts such as the R4

According to reports, Nintendo recently lost a major court battle in which they attempted to file a law suit against the Divineo group over the production of flash carts for the Nintendo DS.

These flash carts allow users to download custom applications, as well as pirated DS “Roms” which they can then play on their DS’s. These Roms are retail DS games that have been illegally ripped from their cartridges and uploaded for the world to download. This is obviously not good for Nintendo who have probably lost millions in sales given the fact that some of these carts can hold 20+ games.

However, apparantly the judge ruled against Nintendo, saying that developers should be able to openly develop applications for their console. They were also said to have stated that the DS platform should be more like Microsoft’s Windows where anyone can freely develop applications.

Personally I see this as a little bit of an injustice on Nintendo’s part, as the flash carts such as the R4 and M3 blatantly allow users to pirate games. However, the fact that they can turn around and say that they developed it for legitimate purposes, but they can’t stop their users from downloading pirated games kind of makes Nintendo powerless.

Where do you stand in this? Do you think Nintendo should be allowed to have full control over what is allowed to be done with their console? Or do you think that users should be free to do what they wish with it, even if that does include pirating games and affecting Nintendo’s income. Let us know…


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