FIFA 10 gets its’ face on

October 8, 2009 by Rob Knight  

Fifa 10

FIFA 10, the newly crowned best selling sports game of all time, which has notched up 1.7 million sales across Europe in its’ first week on sale is slowly but surely ironing out the post-release bugs that have appeared across all formats since launch.

Speaking on the EA forums and via his Twitter account, EA Sports community manager Romilly Broad announced that Game Face is now working meaning that all web & online features of the game are now back up and running.

Another highly anticipated feature, Live Season 2.0, is however still missing in action with EA unable at present to provide a firm date as to the enabling of the feature.

In the meantime however there’s plenty to keep players occupied in-game and the current 92 score on Metacritic is sure to be keeping Peter Moore happy !


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