Forza 3’s epic scope, scale and proportion.

September 4, 2009 by Victoria Wilkins  


So with Forza 3 racing into stores in October, Turn 10 spokesman Steve Beinner was quick to share some of the main features of the third instalment of the racing series at Gamescom this year. After wincing at my own abysmal attempts at playing Daytona in my R8 we were on the receiving end of some Forza 3 perks.

Some of the main announcements include a ‘rewind’ feature which enables both hardcore and new gamers alike to rewind their game play. So, if you have ever, like me completed 29 out of 30 laps perfectly, and then on the last corner you find a Ford Focus comes out of nowhere and shunts you into the shameful sanded outskirts, don’t worry! Your solution to shame is here. Just click a button and watch your game play rewind and then you should consider changing your driving path.

Another cool feature is the “one finger” racing for those who don’t gel to well with racing games and the massive multiplayer online which is planned to be even bigger than Forza 2. The only downside is that due to Forza 3’s huge graphics and engine step up, designs made in Forza 2 will not be able to be transferred.

Also, if your a graphic nerd like me, your thirst will be quenched by Forza’s 60fps graphics with 4x Texture and did I mention that 360hz graphics engine which makes the game refresh every 0.8ft? I think it’s safe to say that Forza 3 will be epic. Yes, even more epic than the microwave room on MGS4. I rest my case.


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