GOA Pulls Plug On Warrior Epic

December 2, 2009 by Thomas Mulrooney  

Warrior Epic

European publisher GOA has announced that “with great regret” it will, on 21st December, pull the plug on free fantasy MMO Warrior Epic.

The publisher cites the lack of players on the European servers, releasing the following statement:

“Unfortunately, despite major efforts by the development team to improve Warrior Epic since its launch, the game hasn’t achieved the player population we had hoped for”

For the time being the US servers will remain open, so not all is lost.  Remaining European players will receive a loyalty package from GOA, which we’re assuming will act as an incentive to join one of their other MMO’s; with freed up resources being directed towards improving Warhammer Online, League of Legends and Pangya.

It’s a shame as the game was only launched in May, but there are a countless number of fantasy MMO’s out there – all trying to take on big boy World of Warcraft – and Warrior Epic didn’t exactly do anything particularly unique.


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