Green Day: Rock Band Set-List Revealed + More Details

April 11, 2010 by Andy Giff  

Green Day: Rock Band will feature tracks spanning (most of) the band's 20+ year career

In a preview by Entertainment Weekly, a few new details, including the full set-list were released for Green Day: Rock Band – the latest in Harmonix and EA’s popular rhythm game series.

The game will feature 47 playable songs on the disc, just more than The Beatles: Rock Band, across three venues. The American Idiot, and Dookie albums will be included in their entireties, with all except the 6 tracks that are available as DLC from 21st Century Breakdown also playable.

Players will be taken to MK Bowl – the venue for their Bullet in a Bible live album – for a large portion of the songs in the game, including the American Idiot album. The other two included venues are The Fox Theatre in Oakland California (the band’s hometown) and the fictional, ‘hole in the wall’ venue called “The Warehouse”, designed to represent the smaller venues the band played in their earlier years.

Popular tracks such as Hitchin a Ride, Minority, and Brain Stew from Green Day’s back catalogue are also included in the game. However, there is notably no sign at all of the band’s first two albums, which is sure to disappoint many fans (myself included). Despite this little niggle though, the game is looking quite promising – especially if you are a Green Day fan.

Green Day: Rock Band will be released on June 8th on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.


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