Microsoft Explains why Ruffian will take over Crackdown II

September 8, 2009 by Dan Skitt  


If you’re like me, and always jump the gun about another Developer taking over a game that was a success, then you would have raised an eyebrow and sighed in pity when you found out that Microsoft handed Crackdown over to the fresh company, Ruffian Games.

Well Microsoft have have backed up their plans, and reading the big picture you will realize there is still hope, and what a great hope it is.

Apparently, it would seem Mr. Spencer believes Realtime Worlds is simply too busy developing APB to give a Crackdown sequel the attention it deserves. “I wanted to make sure that anything we work on is correctly nurtured … we had to find the right team who really understood what game it is – and that was Billy [Thompson] and the team at Ruffian.” Crackdown 2 Ruffian Games since the studio’s inception late last year. will be the first game developed by Ruffian Games since the studio’s inception late last year.

My mind is at rest, finally.


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