More Free DLC For Mass Effect 2 Coming in the Next Few Weeks

February 3, 2010 by Thomas Mulrooney  

About three hours ago Bioware tweeted that additional free downloadable content will be coming to Mass Effect 2 in a short while via the Cerberus Network.

Free in-game content in a couple weeks for those who have activated Cerberus Network! Stay tuned for more details – Source

While it was expected it’s good to know that we only have to wait a few weeks to experience more of this epic game. Bioware hasn’t hinted about what the DLC will be, but a video showing  a new character (along with the first DLC only character, Zaeed, from the first piece of free DLC) called Kasumi is up on Youtube. The rumour goes that the pack will be called ‘Hammerhead’, which is the name of a hover tank in the game.

F0r now you can download the ‘Normandy Crash Site’ and ‘Zaeed – The Price of Revenge’ DLC, which are free to anyone who bought the game and signs into the Cerberus Network with the supplied code. It’s unlikely you’ll find a used copy of the game yet, but for those who didn’t buy the game new you’ll have to pay 1200 points for access to Cerberus Network.


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