New features for WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2010

September 5, 2009 by Paul Carrett  

The Smackdown Vs Raw series of games has been running for quite some time now and in recent years has not included many new features with each release. However Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 is set to change all that. With the tag-line ‘it’s your world now’ you will now be able create and customize almost everything within the game.

The most exciting new feature is that you can now create your own storylines with an extremely high level of customisation. For example you can create cut-scenes with different superstars, animations, locations, camera angles, emotions and write your own scripts. You can create the match card for every show with the matches, match stipulations and interference etc. To me this sounds like a largely improved version of the GM mode that we saw in previous editions of Smackdown Vs Raw.

The create-a-superstar feature has been completely re-designed (includes a paint feature!) and now for the first time in franchise history you can edit and create new attire for WWE superstars. Any creation, like created storylines, superstars, entrances, finishing moves and highlight reels can all be uploaded over Xbox Live or PSN and then downloaded by anyone. ‘Road to WrestleMania’, the popular story mode that was introduced last year also returns with all new storylines, the first ever diva’s storyline and a create-a-superstar storyline. Gameplay will be improved with a smaller HUD, a new reversal system based around timing and the pinfall kickout mechanism used in WWE Legends Of WrestleMania.

The Nintendo DS version of the game has had a massive overhaul with new gameplay controls (with no use of the stylus anymore) and a completely new story mode. There will also be a collectible card system where collectible cards can be earned by winning matches etc. These cards offer in game power-ups, arenas, superstar profiles amongst other things, they can then be traded with other players wirelessly. Also added to the DS version are backstage brawls and ambulances matches.

WWE Smackdown Vs Raw is released 23th October and is available to pre-order now on Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation Portable, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.


5 Comments on "New features for WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2010"

  1. Ben ten on Sat, 5th Sep 2009 7:02 pm 

    You’ve made some errors in your writing. With “storyline’s”, you don’t need the apostrophe because it is the plural version and therefore just needs an added ’s’ on Storyline. You made that mistake three times.

    You did that also with “arena’s”

    It reads like a college kid’s first assignment – blocky and fluid, without character. Try throwing some more commas in there, a semi-colon here and there. Some humour too.

    Just, get better.

  2. Ben ten on Sat, 5th Sep 2009 7:03 pm 

    Sorry, blocky and lacking fluidity.

  3. Paul Carrett on Sat, 5th Sep 2009 7:28 pm 

    I’ve changed the grammatical errors. But as for the character and humour, this was just an article outlining the new features in the new game, it is pretty much all facts, leaving little room for personal input.

    Keep in mind that this is my first article on here. Nevertheless thanks for your constructive criticism.

  4. Eruption2405 on Sun, 6th Sep 2009 7:57 pm 

    it doesn’t read that bad at all, a few commas dont make an aricle bad. Keep up the good work mate

  5. mercedes on Mon, 7th Sep 2009 10:41 am 

    very good paul, a far cry from the stuff you were writing in college. i think it does flow, and i also think that someone is being a bit too anal about it all. Nice job, doing what you love

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