Nintendo drops Wii price in US and Japan

September 24, 2009 by Ivan Cronyn  

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo is to cut the price of the Wii by 20% in the US and Japan. The trade price will be dropped in the UK and the ROI, but it will be up to retailers to decide how much of the price drop they want to pass on to consumers.

The current price of a Nintendo Wii is £199 in the UK, although it’s possible to find it for £179. The Wii has sold more than 52 million units worldwide, comapred with the Xbox 360 (over 30m) and Sony PlayStation 3 (over 23m).

Nintendo hopes the lower price will encourage a new wave of interest in the Wii, which has seen a drop in sales figures this year.

A Sony spokesman said:

“Our aim has always been to expand the gaming population and there are still many more people out there who have not yet experienced the fun of video games”


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