Sir Paul McCartney Hasn’t Played Beatles Rock Band

September 8, 2009 by Andy Giff  

Sir Paul McCartney and his video-game counterpart

Sir Paul McCartney in The Beatles Rock Band and at E3 2009 promoting the game

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Sir Paul McCartney confessed to not yet having played the game in which he stars.

When asked if he had played Harmonix’s game he said:

“I haven’t, actually. I’m kind of, you know, looking forward to playing it. My excuse is, I play guitar. I was on the real record. So the idea of pushing buttons and things in time is kind of slightly intriguing for me…”

It seems a little strange that he hasn’t played the game considering the way he talked about it back at E3 – though it’s not as if he lied about it. And again, unlike some other celebrity musicians he is not actually criticising the fact that it is not real music, just saying how it is strange to see it being done that way considering he was part of recording the original music way back in the 60’s. Understandable really, but hopefully he will at least give it a go when it hits the streets tomorrow (09/09/09).
Read the interview here


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