Visceral Teasing Dead Space 2?

December 7, 2009 by Thomas Mulrooney  

Dead Space 2

A strange inkblot has appeared on the Dead Space Twitter account (which only has one tweet, so make of that what you will), which seems to be out first teaser of Dead Space 2.

You can certainly make out what appear to be ‘Necromorphs’ – the creatures from the game – and there is also a theory that the ‘marker’ is present in the centre of the inkblot. As for the “Unitology symbols” at the bottom someone has taken the time to translate it; and it turns out that it allegedly says “the nightmare is over but it will not end!”. Click here for the full picture and see if you can make out anything else from the ‘teaser’.

Of course, we already knew Dead Space 2 was coming so something like this is no surprise. Personally I’m looking forward to shredding more ‘Necromorphs’ while manically laughing out of sheer fear.


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    [...] already had it that Dead Space 2 was in production – plus, we were teased about it just the other day – so there was little surprise when EA officially announced the sequel earlier [...]

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