X10 News: Exclusive 360 Content For Dead Rising 2

February 11, 2010 by Thomas Mulrooney  

Earlier today Capcom announced that Dead Rising 2 will be coming to Europe on September 3rd (August 31st for the US and September 2nd for Japan). Alongside that news was the announcement of some exclusive content for those that buy the game for the 360.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero will be a prologue to the sequel and will be released on Xbox Live shortly before the release of the full game. It is intended to provide a link between the first and second instalments of the Dead Rising franchise, although it probably won’t explain why Chuck Greene has such a corny generic name.

So, the Dead Rising franchise may not be exclusive to the 360 anymore (let’s just put that awful Wii port out of our minds altogether) but at least the console that birthed the franchise will be getting some extra love.

There’s no word on the release date or pricing yet, so stay tuned for those.


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