Rocket Riot Results

Rocket Riot
  • Great graphics
  • Fast, addictive audio
  • Pirates with rocket launchers
  • Difficulty jumps from easy to hard very fast
  • Too repetive at times
  • Pinball power up

Rocket Riot

July 18, 2009 by Dave Burns  
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Title: Rocket Riot
Release Date: 17th June 2009
Developer/Publisher: Codeglue / THQ
Genre: Xbox Live Arcade
Platform[s]: Xbox 360


You’re a pirate with no legs and a rocket launcher and a professor has strapped a jet pack to your back in order to destroy the evil enemy Black Beard. Simple!



The gameplay in this title is as simple as pie, each level gives you a certain objective (Kill enemies, blast blocks, destroy cannons and score in a game of American Football) and as each level progresses the gameplay gets faster and harder with enemies having increased accuracy and of course a lot more bad guys to blast. Controlling the game can be a bit daunting at first as you control with both analogue sticks (one fires and controls the strength of your shot while the other controls direction), but as soon as you get used to it you will be blasting like no tomorrow.

As you blast away at the scenery you will see spinning grey cubes that will turn into power ups, some of these are not power ups and they screw you over like bouncing you all over the place as if your a pinball or take away your rocket launcher and turn it into a gun that shoots out a ‘Bang!’ flag.


The games graphics are quite simply wonderful, with each shot you take the environment breaks away in 3D like pixels as you can see from our screenshots. Each level has been crafted perfectly to try and screw you over with each level as it progresses. The colour scheme is very bright and brings you a warm feeling, just as well really as if your anything like us your going to die… A LOT.

You get a great feeling that the developers have spent a long time trying to produce this game and the work in the graphics department certainly pay off.



In terms of audio we really can only talk about the SFX and the backing music both of which are truly excellent. The background audio certainly has a level of repetitiveness around it but it no time you will find yourself playing the game just to hear the same music again and again, I find the words ‘Rocket Riot’ going over again and again in my head.

The SFX are nothing out of the ordinary that you would expect from an arcade game, but they do fit in really well against the background music. However, I feel if the music wasn’t playing then we would probably be turning the sound on the TV down and playing some music on our stereos.

Overall Score & Replayability

Overall the game is very addictive but also very repetitive at the same time and may bore some people but in our opinion 800 MS Points is definitely worth the price for such an excellently crafted Xbox Live Arcade game!



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