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Shadow Complex
  • Great graphics
  • Side-scrolling fun
  • Accessible to all
  • A bit short
  • Can be difficult on higher levels
  • No unlockable clothes for Avatar

Shadow Complex

August 18, 2009 by Dave Burns  
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Title: Shadow Complex
Release Date: 19th August 2009
Developer/Publisher: Chair / Epic Games / Microsoft
Genre: Platform Shooter
Platform[s]:Xbox 360


Shadow Complex has a fairly straight forward story line, you are Jason Fleming (Feels like a mix of Jason Bourne and Ian Fleming, both have a lot to do with the style the game plays) and you start off exploring a cave with your girlfriend who then disappears and you have to find her, stumbling into a secret facility filled with puzzles, enemies and collectibles.  Its not exactly the most original story line we have encountered over years playing video games but this game is definitely different from the rest.



The game play is pretty straight forward in a very basic sense, run, jump, shoot, jump, shoot and run… got that? The game itself has a massive 3D element with out being 3 dimensional in the traditional sense, for instance you are given a map which depicts what way you should go and how to get there but in a completely 2D view which helps you to understand further what way you should go and how you need to get there.

I’ve never really been a platform kind of guy and often struggle when overwhelmed by enemies or hard obstacles such as jump puzzles but this game feels very accessible even to novice players, coming in a range of difficulties that most Epic Game fans will recognise; Easy, Normal, Hardcore and Insane.  The difficulty can be adjusted at any time which makes this game even more accessible.

The weapons in the game don’t vary much and they all offer unlimited ammo apart from the secondary weapons which are Grenades, Goo and Missiles but by finding special collectibles hidden around the game you can increase the amount of ammo that you can hold at a time.  Later on in the game you will find a grappling hook which will allow you to get to places that normal jumping would normally not allow.

The whole combat function is very simple, most enemies will automatically be sighted so all you need to do is shoot but sometimes you will need to manually aim by using the right analogue stick.



Is this the future of platform games? we certainly hope so! this is by the far the most sexy looking game available on the Marketplace and without a doubt the Unreal 3 engine has been used in the best way possible, the whole game has a Unreal Tournament / Gears of War vision behind it, from the enemies resembling Unreal and some of the scenery and the helicopters representing Gears of War.

We sincerely hope that all platform developers take note of how well crafted this Arcade game is and takes it into account when creating new games as Shadow Complex will certainly set the benchmark for future titles.


Most of, if not all of the audio has a real genuine feel to it and they don’t sound like some geek has been tinkering around with sound effects for ages to bring the ideal audio to the game, the gunshots echo through the caves and the explosions bounch off of the walls which makes this game ideal for all home theatre owners!

The music that accompanies the title have dramatic effect on the game and help you distinguish when your in trouble or a degree of emotion when touching on parts of the story that we can’t spoil for you.

Overall Score & Replayability

I’ve mentioned a few times in this review that this game is by far the best game on the marketplace at the moment and probably will be for some time, the only problem that I really encountered was the hardness of the game on Normal and above which isn’t a great problem because you can adjuctthe difficulty at any time.  The other problem is the lengthof the title, expect it to last around 4 hours on Normal mode but with the addition to collectables you could probably spent twice that amount of time in the game.  Before the end of the game it will save allowing you to reload that save after you have comleted the title which will ensure that you can complete it 100%.

We expect some DLC from this title at some point as the end was left slightly unfinished in terms of storyline, plus the game is action packed and exciting to a degree of ‘I want more NOW!’ so in perfect honesty I wouldn’t be surprised if DLC wasn’t in the works now.


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  1. Jeff Barker on Tue, 18th Aug 2009 1:10 pm 

    Nice review, mate – can’t wait for this to hit XBLA!

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