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Wii Sports
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  • Easy to pickup
  • Burns calories
  • Limited games
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Wii Sports

August 17, 2009 by Aaron Green  
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Title: Wii Sports
Release Date: December 2, 2006 (JA) November 19, 2006 (US) December 8, 2006 (EU)
Developer/Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Sports/Casual
Platform[s]: Wii


Wii Sports is a casual sporting aim pre-packed with the Wii; it is designed to demonstrate the Wiimote rather than offer a full rich experience and therefore has no storyline attached.      


Five events dominate Wii Sports – Baseball, Bowling, Boxing, Golf and Tennis.  The idea is that players perform motions with the Wii Remote (and on occasion Nunchuck) which mimic that of their real life counterpart.  As well as the main sports themselves there is a training mode which experiments with the mainstream events and adds little twists. 

Now, I’ve been a gamer since I was old enough to hit a button and it’s clear from the offset that this WS isn’t aimed at me.  So I set up a little experiment, as well as myself I invited two non-gamers and a child gamer to test the software, these being: my fiancée (22), my sister (11) and my mother (43).  It’s quite obviously the family market Nintendo wish to seduce.  The first thing I noticed is that it’s all very ‘pick up and play’; even my mum (a self proclaimed technophobe) had the controls sussed within a minute of picking up the Wiimote.  To select a game she knew to point and press and similarly in-game prompts and plain common sense meant that she conquered the tennis, golf, boxing and bowling with ease however she did have a little more difficulty pitching in baseball (as did my fiancée) but this was overcome after a few attempts.  Nintendo’s presentation with all the sports is simple, colourful and uncluttered.  My mother felt this appealed to her, as did my sister and after an hour of play we all came up with a variety of responses: I enjoyed the bowling (as its technical use of the Wii Remote is genius) and the boxing (slightly boring but one hell of a workout), my fiancée liked the bowling (as she won) and the tennis, my sister loved the golf (she found it the most detailed) and baseball whilst my mother had become hooked on all events.  Everything is made simpler than say EA Sports titles because it’s the athletes motions players control rather than the in-game avatar’s movements.  So, it’s a mixed bag but to sum up its quick, easy family fun for when you need to kill an hour or settle an argument.

For those looking for a deep sporting experience however this is not it!  Sure you can unlock a few goodies in the training mode or witness one of the best bowling games in the existence of videogaming but Nintendo’s Wii Sports is a shallow title aimed at bringing people together – not at offering sporting realism.      


Graphically, Wii Sports is laughable.  Yes, textures and framerates are configured for the likes of a crisp widescreen environment but the characters are chunky, missing limbs and are all together unimaginative.  Hardcore gamers will no doubt scoff at this but anyone with an ounce of common sense will realise it is all part of Nintendo’s marketing strategy and is intended to attract a certain demographic with the mild, colourful playfulness. 


Elevator music!  Yes, those delightful sounds you’d expect to hear as you wait in a lift.  I might sound as if I am being cynical but to be truthful it fits the theme of everything perfectly.  All other sound effects are as you’d expect them to be.

Overall Score & Replayability

Wii Sports is not intended for the hardcore neither is it meant to be a game you dedicate months of your life to.  It is (for most of the world, poor Japan) a free tech demo of the capabilities of the hardware itself and can be heaps of fun if played in moderation.  A great toy for wowing the anti-gamers!


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