All Fronts / Dark Corners DLC for Gears of War 2

August 14, 2009 by Dave Burns  
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Title: All Fronts / Dark Corners DLC for Gears of War 2
Release Date: 29th July 2008 
Developer/Publisher: Epic Games / Microsoft
Genre: Third Person Shooter 
Platform[s]: Xbox 360

Ever wondered what Gears of War 2 would be like with a stealth option? Wonder no more!  Dark Corners is a campaign chapter that starts with a question… Do you want to go deeper in the hollow via an all new stealth mode or in a more traditional way or all guns blazing?  We opted for stealth first of all and basically you just walk to your destination pulling levers, avoiding Locusts and walking through doors, we get the feel that this ‘deleted scene’ was deleted for a reason, it’s quite simply boring although it is nice to see a few new Locust animations as you get a bit too close to the enemy and obviously seeing our heroes dressed in Theron Guard uniforms.

The other option is to go in guns’ blazing which is more like the Gears we know and love! One of the main differences in this and the stealth option is being dropped into a prison at one point which see’s you battling your way out against a few waves of Locusts, pretty much the same as the rest of the game really.


One thing that both routes have in common is meeting an old friend from Gears of War that has been captured by the Locusts; we can’t tell you who it is but fans of the series will be pleased to meet the person.

In terms of length the campaign mode, dependant on difficulty, should only last around 15-20 minutes per choice (Stealth or Guns’ Blazing) so don’t go expecting a whole chapter.

The other part of the DLC is 7 multiplayer maps including the reworking of the original War Machine map from Gears of War.  From playing all of the maps we didn’t really find a single map that we clearly didn’t like and quite frankly we see these maps as the saving grace from the All Fronts DLC pack.

All the maps range in size from small close quarter combat to quite large maps with plenty of cover and hiding places.  For example Way Station is a small map spawning the teams just a few meters away from each other but with a train in the middle separating the teams, the train can of course be moved by operating a lever at the opposite side.


Our pick of the bunch has to be Sanctuary which features wide open space in a brightly lit section of Jacinto.  The map has 3 levels; ground, upper level and basement all of which hold power weapons so the race will be on and expect huge firefights trying to control these areas.

All in all the length of the campaign mode really goes against the price of the content but its saving grace is the quality and amount of maps that come with the pack, hardened Gears fans will be massively satisfied by the pack but casual gamers may feel slightly let down by the price and amount of content.  So to summarize this DLC only buy it if you’re really into playing Gears 2 online as the campaign mode is too shallow to prove a buy on its own merit.