Halo Legends Coming to DVD and Blu-Ray Next Month

January 7, 2010 by Thomas Mulrooney  
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If you happen to be a Halo fan – and I’m sure there are some of you out there – then you may be pleased to hear that the complete Halo Legends set will be available here in Europe on 16 February. It will be released in a DVD standard edition, a two-disc special edition and blu-ray.

If you’re not sure what Halo Legends is then why not let me enlighten you? Halo Legends is a collection of seven short animated stories that relate to the Halo Universe, exploring its history and legends. Each episode is around 10-15 minutes long, each with different directors and unique approaches. The standard DVD will contain all these episodes, but there’s more in store for those willing to pay extra.

The two-disc special edition, alongside the episodes, includes the following content:

  • The Making of Halo Legends
  • Halo: Gaming Evolved – Explaining the Halo “phenomenon”
  • An audio commentary with directors Frank O’Connor and Joseph Chou

The Blu-ray edition has the same content, but also includes a feature called Halo: The Story so Far plus, of course, high definition visuals.

Amazon currently has the regular DVD for £7.98, while the special edition will set you back £9.98. The Blu-ray edition is obviously more expensive and will cost you £15.98.

Major Nelson dismisses Blu-ray link

October 23, 2009 by Daniel Gillespie  
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Yesterday we reported that Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, let slip that Blu-ray accessories could well be on their way to the Xbox 360.

Even though Microsoft already released a statement backtracking Ballmer’s comments, Major Nelson has today come out and pretty much closed the idea of Blu-ray coming to the Xbox. He said:

“During an interview yesterday, Steve Ballmer was asked about Blu-ray and the Xbox 360. I want to clear something up – Steve was referring to Blu-ray accessories for the PC. As we have said in the past, we have no plans to introduce a Blu-ray drive for the Xbox 360. In fact, the future of home entertainment starts very soon when Xbox 360 becomes the first and only console to offer instant-on 1080p streaming HD movies. With a library of thousands of TV shows and movies to choose from, Xbox 360 owners can instantly watch the movies they want, when they want, in the highest form of high definition.”

Who knows what to make of this…

Blu-ray add-ons heading for Xbox 360?

October 22, 2009 by Daniel Gillespie  
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It seems Microsoft have forgotten about the age old media war as they are now looking at the option to add Blu-ray accessories to the Xbox 360.

In a recent interview with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, he was asked whether the Xbox would ever associate itself with a Blu-ray player, like rival Sony.

He said: “Well I don’t know if we need to put Blu-ray in there—you’ll be able to get Blu-ray drives as accessories.

“I think the future of movies is on-demand actually, as opposed to via distribution on physical media. So we’re just going to keep driving forward.”

Is this a slip of the tongue remark, or are we looking too much into this?

Microsoft released a statement shortly after, stating: “Our solution for HD quality video on an Xbox 360 is coming this fall with Zune Video and 1080p instant-on HD streaming. As far as our future plans are concerned, we’re not ready to comment.”