Heavy Rain – Do Origami While You Wait!

February 2, 2010 by Thomas Mulrooney  
Filed under News, Playstation

As is fast becoming the norm with PS3 games Heavy Rain will have a mandatory install when you first put the game disc in. The install will weigh in at 4.2GB, but you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to go and make a sandwich while it installs (although this would be preferable if you’re hungry).

Instead you’ll be able to make swan origami in 12 steps, which means you’ll actually be learning something while you wait for the install to finish (unless, of course, you already know how to do it). Obviously this has a connection to the game since it’s based around finding the Origami Killer, but it’s also a fun little distraction from what can be an incredibly dull process. I hope more developers follow Quantic Dream’s lead and and insert neat little things into the install process. Either that or I’m picking up a good book to read. Maybe you can watch one of the games characters, Madison Page, getting naked before getting into a fight while you wait (obviously NSFW).

The game comes out on the 26th February here in the UK, although the rest of Europe will get it two days earlier (as a suprising side note Japan is the market to get it earliest, with the game coming out on the 18th over in the Land of the Rising Sun).

(Via Just Push Start)