Triple Whammy Xbox Live Deal of the Week!

November 24, 2009 by Jeff Barker  
Filed under News, Xbox

In a somewhat generous gesture, Microsoft are offering Xbox Live users 3 quite resepectable Deals of the Week to splash their hard-earned on this week.

First of all, Fable 2’s See The Future DLC has been reduced from 560MSP to 400MSP, which some people will feel is a fairer price point, given the comments on the length and quality of the content.
Click here to add Fable 2’s See The Future DLC to your download queue.

Surely the pick of the bunch is the ultra-addictive Peggle, usually priced at 800MSP and now at the ridiculously bargain price of 400MSP; VGR Network proven to waste more hours of your life than MW2 and the Eastenders ominbus’ combined. Click here to add Peggle to your download queue.

And finally, the probably quite overpriced in the first place Death Tank is reduced from 1200MSP to the slightly more worth it 800MSP. Imagine MW2 meets Worms with tanks instead of annelids and you’re halfway there with this side-on blastfest. Click here to add Death Tank to your download queue.