More Free DLC For Mass Effect 2 Coming in the Next Few Weeks

February 3, 2010 by Thomas Mulrooney  
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About three hours ago Bioware tweeted that additional free downloadable content will be coming to Mass Effect 2 in a short while via the Cerberus Network.

Free in-game content in a couple weeks for those who have activated Cerberus Network! Stay tuned for more details – Source

While it was expected it’s good to know that we only have to wait a few weeks to experience more of this epic game. Bioware hasn’t hinted about what the DLC will be, but a video showing  a new character (along with the first DLC only character, Zaeed, from the first piece of free DLC) called Kasumi is up on Youtube. The rumour goes that the pack will be called ‘Hammerhead’, which is the name of a hover tank in the game.

F0r now you can download the ‘Normandy Crash Site’ and ‘Zaeed – The Price of Revenge’ DLC, which are free to anyone who bought the game and signs into the Cerberus Network with the supplied code. It’s unlikely you’ll find a used copy of the game yet, but for those who didn’t buy the game new you’ll have to pay 1200 points for access to Cerberus Network.

It’s a Rock Band Halloween

October 23, 2009 by Susan Taylor  
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Harmonix and MTV Games today announced their spookiest DLC packs yet, all of which will be available to download via the Rock Band Music Store next week, just in time for Halloween. Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii owners can pick these up on October 27th and Playstation 3 owners can grab them on October 29th.

These tracks will be available for purchase as a Rob Zombie pack, a Wolfmother Pack and as individual tracks on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 system and as individual tracks on Wii.

The track listing is a good one and is the perfect addition to any Halloween parties you may be holding this year!

• Rob Zombie – Burn
• Rob Zombie – Dragula
• Rob Zombie – Superbeast
• Wolfmother – New Moon Rising
• Wolfmother – Pilgrim
• Wolfmother – Sundial
• Wolfmother – White Unicorn
• Wolfmother – Woman
• Liz Phair – Rock Me
• Morningwood – Best of Me
• Morningwood – Sugarbaby

GTA IV gets Gay Tony achievements

October 6, 2009 by Ivan Cronyn  
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Ballad of Gay Tony

A recent update to GTA IV on the Xbox 360 has seen the addition of 10 new achievements for the forthcoming Ballad of Gay Tony DLC. This now brings the total gamerscore available for GTA IV to 1500.

The achievements are as follows (possible spoilers):

TBoGT: Gone Down – 5g
Complete all base jumps. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Diamonds Forever – 5g
Complete the Trinity. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Four Play – 10g
Hit a flag with a golf ball four times. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Bear Fight – 15g
Win the L.C. Cage Fighters championship. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Catch the Bus – 15g
Dance perfectly in both Tony’s nightclubs. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Snow Queen – 20g
Complete 25 drug wars. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Adrenaline Junkie – 25g
Freefall for the longest possible time. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Maestro – 30g
Finish the Ballad. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Past the Velvet Rope – 45g
Score 80% or above in all missions. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Gold Star – 80g
Score 100% in all missions. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

No Modern Warfare 2 DLC in development until after the game’s release

October 5, 2009 by Paul Carrett  
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As was previously reported here, a special Modern Warfare 2 brand of Monster Energy drink revealed that DLC for Modern Warfare 2 was planned to be released in spring 2010. However Infinity Ward responded to this by saying that no Modern Warfare 2 DLC is in development and will not be until after the game’s release.

Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling said on the Infinity Ward forums, “I think you might be confused by that. We haven’t even begun thinking about what our DLC will be, let alone finish any. No DLC will begin development until the entire game is finished and certified.” Take that Monster Energy!

Modern Warfare 2 is released 10th November and is available to pre-order now on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows.

Modern Warfare 2 DLC coming Spring 2010

October 1, 2009 by Paul Carrett  
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A special Modern Warfare 2 brand of Monster Energy drink has revealed the date for one of the downloadable map packs for Modern Warfare 2. The promotional pack reads that you can win: “5,000 MW2 Map Pack codes – planned release spring 2010″. It is not known if this will be the first map pack or if it will be one of the timed Xbox 360 exclusive map packs.

Monster Energy will also be giving you the chance to win 100 Modern Warfare 2 games for Xbox 360 or PS3, 10,000 Modern Warfare 2 dashboard themes for Xbox 360 or PS3 and free cans of Monster Energy. A message on the side of the Modern Warfare 2 Monster Energy drink can reads: “Creator Infinity Ward hooked us up with an advanced copy of MW2 and we were so stoked on the game we put it on our can.” Really? I find that a bit hard to believe…

Modern Warfare 2 is released 10th November and is available to pre-order now on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows.

Left 4 Dead Crash Course incorrectly priced

September 29, 2009 by Paul Carrett  
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The new downloadable content for Left 4 Dead, Crash Course, has been released today on the Xbox Live Marketplace but has been incorrectly priced. Crash Course is available for 800 Microsoft Points when it should be 560 Microsoft Points. The price should be rectified at some point in the next hour or two.

Major Nelson and other Xbox personalities have been warning their followers on Twitter not to buy Crash Course at 800 Microsoft Points and wait until it is priced correctly.

As with almost all items on the Xbox Live Marketplace there are no refunds for this downloadable content so if you have paid 800 Microsoft Points for it then there you are probably not going to be able to claim the 240 Microsoft Points back. As seen in this previous article on VGR (aptly titled ‘Microsoft wants your money’) Valve didn’t even want to charge for the DLC but it was Microsoft’s decision that they had to.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Second DLC Pack not available in North America?

September 24, 2009 by Susan Taylor  
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We are going to have ourselves a lot of unhappy Xbox 360 owners from the US today as Eidos announces “Prey in the Darkness”, the second DLC pack for the hit game Batman: Arkham Asylum is going to be a Playstation 3 exclusive in North America. The content is available for download from today, Sept 24th, and is FREE.

On a more positive note (sorta), Prey in the Darkness will be available to PS3 and Xbox 360 users in Europe. Phew!

As of yet there has been no official explanation given for the PS3 exclusive to our neighbours across the ocean, but we are going to keep a close eye on this one.

Trials HD “There’s going to be DLC”

September 10, 2009 by Dan Skitt  
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RedLynx, the masterminds behind Trials HD are definatly working on DLC. That’s right, DLC.

Redlynx told Console Arcade:
“There’s going to be DLC, we are working on it right now as we speak.”

I don’t know how long our Xbox controllers are going to last folks. Right now it feels I’m smashing more pads than records.

Bring on the DLC!
Oh… and er.. a new controller.

Take-Off Aborted for Wallace and Gromit Episode 2

September 8, 2009 by Rob Knight  
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It’s now a case of  “No Cheese Gromit” for Wednesday September 9 as the planned launch of Wallace & Gromit Episode 2: The Last Resort on Xbox Live has been put back to an as yet undetermined date.

Reasons for the abortive launch are unconfirmed but early reports indicate that the necessary stocks of Wensleydale were not loaded onto the shuttle in good time for a go-no-go !

Sonic & Knuckles will still appear as planned at a cost of 400 points

Free DLC for Batman next week

September 8, 2009 by Ivan Cronyn  
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Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum on the PS3 is to receive new, free downloadable content (DLC) next week, if the PS3’s in-game news ticker is to be believed. There’s currently no information available on exactly what is coming. Our guess is that the DLC will feature new Challenge rooms, but we’ll all have to wait to find out.

Update: Eidos have confirmed that the new DLC will also be available for the Xbox 360 and the PC, although they haven’t yet confirmed any details of what we’ll be getting.

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