Natal could be used for Fable III

October 5, 2009 by Daniel Gillespie  
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fable 3

Microsoft Games Studio’s creative head Peter Molyneux yesterday hinted that next year’s Fable III could be playable with the upcoming motion sensor add-on for the Xbox 360, Project Natal.

It was already understood that Fable III would support Natal due to Molyneux’s heavy support of the technology and the game’s introduction of tactile elements such as the new ‘Touch’ mechanic, but this theory has been quashed.

Molyneux said: “I am going to say it’s going to use a controller. But, I’ve never said it’s not going to use Natal. And obviously what would probably happen if I started talking about this is you would see a little red dot appear moving on my forehead. And then as I would start to speak the words then there would be a shot, gunfire, and I would be assassinated.”

He continued, “Do you really think, knowing me, I wouldn’t want to use something like Natal? I mean that’s just mad, man.”

Fable III is due for release on the Xbox 360 late next year.

Fable III announced and dated (sort of)

August 19, 2009 by Dave Burns  
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Today at GamesCom Peter Molyneux of Lionhead Studios announced Fable III and said it would be released in 2010 but “Dont expect it early in 2010″.

Whats more Microsoft and Lionhead announced that Fable II will be available in chapters and titled Fable II: Game Episodes.  Players will be able to download the first chapter of Fable II for free and then decide wether or not to buy more or all of the remaining chapters.  Fable II: Game Episodes will be fully compatible with all DLC available for Fable II.  Expect this to be released on 29th September.