Blog: Gameplay and the cancelled order

December 2, 2009 by Dave Burns  
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Christmas is a time for giving and I decided that I would buy my mother a Black Wii with a few games.  After searching around online I found a great deal from Gameplay a Wii Black Console with Wii Sports Resort + New Super Mario Bros and Mario Power for £179.99 – Bargain right? I thought so, so I grabbed my card and ordered it.  3 Days later I’m sitting at my computer wondering whats happened to my order so I log in and check my account and find my order has been cancelled, I wondered if my bank was being silly so I checked my account and I still have funds so I get my better half to give them a call for me.  They cancelled my order because I wasn’t registered on the Electoral Role – which in fact I am and I have a massive amount of spam from Lib Dem, Labour, UKIP etc etc to prove that I am.  So they cancelled my order because they think I’m not on a list and whats more is they didn’t have the decency to email me about it.  Whats more is the guy on the phone was extremely snotty about the situation but when he heard that I run several successful gaming sites the guy tried to remedy the situation which only ended up in the phone being put down.

My day job involves running some extremely successful ecommerce websites and there is a law in place that says all online stores in the UK must use 3D Secure, now what is 3D Secure I hear you say?  If you have ever ordered online you will have used this at some point, after you have ordered your goods you get transferred to a page ran by your bank with a Verified by Visa logo somewhere that asks for you 3rd/5th, or whatever order, of your password and this confirms that this is not a fraudulent purchase.  Gameplay do NOT use this feature thus meaning they are defying UK law and could be taken to court.

Gameplay have seriously annoyed me with this, not only have they got false information on me they are also breaking the law.  Also I’m pretty sure that they have NO right in checking my details on the Electoral Role unless I’m going for a finance option, which, they don’t offer and quite frankly I wouldn’t use because I pride myself on being debt free.

Have you had any problems with Gameplay?  Have I got anything wrong in this post? Let me know in the comments below and perhaps advise my actions.

Gameplay you have just lost a customer and £179.99 from me, and I’m pretty sure I would of carried on using the service for many years to come.

New Assassins Creed II gameplay released.

September 5, 2009 by Victoria Wilkins  
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So when the debut Assassins Creed II trailer was shown at E3 earlier this year, many of us gawked in awe at the new perks and moves that the new protagonist ‘Ezio’ could do. Living up to ‘Altair’ would be a hard task indeed, but ‘Ezio’ seems better in every way possible.

Yesterday, the team behind the game, Ubisoft, officially released another gameplay video. In the video we are enlightened with more of the moves that can be conducted by the player including lots of bashes to the head – I don’t think a smoothie could cure that in the morning. At the beginning of the video a collection of sculptured shots take us through a variety of painted portraits, including the famous “Mona Lisa” and “The Last Supper”, again enforcing the themes of Da Vinci and his works.

To see the gameplay footage, click here.

Assassins Creed II is released 20th November and is available to preorder now on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.