Grand Theft Auto 5 first details

November 16, 2009 by Ivan Cronyn  
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Grand Theft Auto

In a recent interview with The Times, Dan Houser, co-creator of Rockstar, and one of the main creative forces behind the GTA games, spoke about the inevitable GTA 5, currently in development. 

“We’ll think of a city first, then the characters,” said Houser. He also said that the script he’s co-writing will run to about 1000 pages, nearly ten times as long as a feature film.

Houser also expressed some irritation with the controversies that seem to surround Rockstar games, perhaps being a little disingenuous, given that controversy sells games.

GTA IV gets Gay Tony achievements

October 6, 2009 by Ivan Cronyn  
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Ballad of Gay Tony

A recent update to GTA IV on the Xbox 360 has seen the addition of 10 new achievements for the forthcoming Ballad of Gay Tony DLC. This now brings the total gamerscore available for GTA IV to 1500.

The achievements are as follows (possible spoilers):

TBoGT: Gone Down – 5g
Complete all base jumps. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Diamonds Forever – 5g
Complete the Trinity. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Four Play – 10g
Hit a flag with a golf ball four times. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Bear Fight – 15g
Win the L.C. Cage Fighters championship. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Catch the Bus – 15g
Dance perfectly in both Tony’s nightclubs. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Snow Queen – 20g
Complete 25 drug wars. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Adrenaline Junkie – 25g
Freefall for the longest possible time. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Maestro – 30g
Finish the Ballad. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Past the Velvet Rope – 45g
Score 80% or above in all missions. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Gold Star – 80g
Score 100% in all missions. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

Activision CEO Says Games Could Eclipse Film and TV

September 4, 2009 by Andy Giff  
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Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision

Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision

Bobby Kotick from Activision has come out with another characteristically bold statement. This time he has said that the games industry has the potential to “eclipse” the Film and TV industries.
Kotick believes that this could become a reality within the next five years when the next generation of hardware lets developers master facial textures and animations providing realism almost level with that of…reality? Definitely the kind of quote you would expect to hear from the head of a massive multi-billion dollar game publishing corporation. However, as usual with these things he does have a point. Games such as Halo 3 and GTA IV have sold in huge numbers and have gotten quite a lot of coverage from mainstream media, though I don’t see games becoming bigger than X-Factor any time soon.

Still, it’s certainly an exciting prospect for any gaming fan that would prefer to be playing Mass Effect 3 or Fable 4 with amazing visuals and dialogue than the latest predictable plot-twist in Eastenders…