Green Day: Rock Band Set-List Revealed + More Details

April 11, 2010 by Andy Giff  
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Green Day: Rock Band will feature tracks spanning (most of) the band's 20+ year career

In a preview by Entertainment Weekly, a few new details, including the full set-list were released for Green Day: Rock Band – the latest in Harmonix and EA’s popular rhythm game series.

The game will feature 47 playable songs on the disc, just more than The Beatles: Rock Band, across three venues. The American Idiot, and Dookie albums will be included in their entireties, with all except the 6 tracks that are available as DLC from 21st Century Breakdown also playable.

Players will be taken to MK Bowl – the venue for their Bullet in a Bible live album – for a large portion of the songs in the game, including the American Idiot album. The other two included venues are The Fox Theatre in Oakland California (the band’s hometown) and the fictional, ‘hole in the wall’ venue called “The Warehouse”, designed to represent the smaller venues the band played in their earlier years.

Popular tracks such as Hitchin a Ride, Minority, and Brain Stew from Green Day’s back catalogue are also included in the game. However, there is notably no sign at all of the band’s first two albums, which is sure to disappoint many fans (myself included). Despite this little niggle though, the game is looking quite promising – especially if you are a Green Day fan.

Green Day: Rock Band will be released on June 8th on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.

Rock Band 2 gets significant update

September 28, 2009 by Daniel Gillespie  
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rock band update

A new patch has been released for Rock Band 2, which will add some brand new dimensions to the game, including the anticipated ‘Rock Band Network’.

The Rock Band Network is a community feature where users can upload songs from their PCs to try them out using the game’s tools, and if successful, could earn a tidy sum of cash.

The Network is due to be fully released in the next couple of weeks, as it is currently in closed beta.

Other notable new additions are that you can now download songs whilst playing the game, and have the ability to use a wireless microphone, instead of the bog-standard wired one.

Finally, along with in game features such as hammer-ons and pull-offs being fixed, there’s now an option where you can see which songs you have fully starred.

Pearl Jam DLC set for 20th September release

September 18, 2009 by Daniel Gillespie  
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Harmonix have announced that the entirety of Pearl Jam’s new album, ‘Backspacer’, will be added as part of the illustrious Rock Band downloadable content. Backspacer is realeased on the 20th September, and will be released for the 360 the very same day, with versions for the PS3 and Wii coming out a few days later.

The album will include 11 tracks:

‘Gonna See My Friend’

‘Got Some’

‘The Fixer’

‘Johnny Guitar’

‘Just Breathe’

‘Amongst the Waves’

‘Unthought Known’


‘Speed of Sound’

‘Force of Nature’

‘The End’

With all the tracks being master recordings, you can buy the full album for 1440 MS points, or an individual track for 160 points.

This is the second full Pearl Jam album to be released for Rock Band, after ‘Ten’ was released earlier this year.

Microsoft release The Beatles: Rock Band Special Edition Console

September 9, 2009 by Daniel Gillespie  
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beatles news pic

Today sees the launch of ‘The Beatles: Rock Band’, and Microsoft have celebrated this by releasing a limited number of special edition Xbox 360 consoles, professionally customized to honour The Beatles.

The rare consoles, worth over $3,400 each on eBay, will start to be auctioned today for charity with proceeds benefiting ‘Doctors Without Borders’.

Each console is carefully designed by super-animation company ‘Passion Pictures’ with illustrations from the intro of ‘The Beatles: Rock Band’.

Along the launch, Microsoft have released the iconic “All you need is love” for 160 Microsoft points, with proceeds going to charity and also entering you to win one of the limited edition consoles.