No beta for Modern Warfare 2

August 20, 2009 by Dave Burns  
Filed under PC, Playstation, Xbox

Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward has updated his blog stating this is currently no planned beta for Modern Warfare 2 but he refuses to write a possible beta off.  Heres a quick snippet from his blog:

First, nothing has technically changed by this news. As I’ve told you many times in the past, expect no Public Beta unless we announce otherwise. That is still the case. We would never say something as definitive as “No Beta Ever!” as that’s simply not how we work. We’ll do an internal beta, if we feel a public one is needed, we’ll explore that route as well.

It is true that we have not announced a Public Beta for MW2, and that remains true unless I announce otherwise.

So while he claims there is no beta it is possible that one may arise in the future if need be.  We will obviously let you all know in the future if a beta is announced.