Lips: Number One Hits

October 22, 2009 by Laura Broome  
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Title: Lips: Number One Hits

Release Date: October 23rd 2009

Developer/Publisher: Microsoft

Genre: Music

Platform[s]: Xbox 360


Lips: Number One Hits is a karaoke game which can be played on your own, with friends and family or over the net. Rack up as many points, medals and stars as you can by singing your heart out, the better you sing the higher you score. If you cant sing aim for stars or get medals by shaking your mic for percussion and putting on a great performance. The higher your score the higher you rank, the higher you rank the more trophies you get and the more achievements you unlock. Pretty simple but actually harder than it appears!


If you love singing and/or making a prat of yourself then Lips is the way to go! The original Lips was a good sturdy karaoke game but in my mind it was not as good as Sing Star for the Playstation. However this game was a lot better and much improved which I was not expecting, not only do you get 40 new songs but you also get a re-jigged version of the game. Suddenly everything is brighter, clearer, easier to understand and much better to play. You can see your rank changing as your score gets higher, you have more interesting things to do with your mic during the instrumental parts and now in the co-op mode you don’t have to fight over who gets to sing which part of the song as both people get equal chances. The menus are easier to scroll through as well although the marketplace does not seem to have improved too much and is still quite slow. Using your own music via ipod, PC etc is a lot quicker now though, and the videos they put with them are better and match the music in a stronger fashion. The music you have already downloaded for Lips 1 is still playable however if you want to sing a song from the Lips 1 disk you have to put that in to sing it then swap back to Lips Number 1 Hits to get your score and carry on which does get annoying after a while.


The game makes hours feel like minutes and is highly amusing to both sing yourself and to watch others having a go. It doesn’t seem to matter if you are a serious gamer or not, anyone can play this, although I am not sure I should have given my dad the mic as his rendition of Barbie Girl is currently giving me nightmares. Two pieces of advice though, you may think you are better after a few drinks but trust me you are not and secondly have a camera near by cause it often produces perfect footage for You Tube!


The graphics are definitely better than the original game as everything is much clearer to understand. There are added incentives such as winning trophies for good performances and the different videos that are available in all of the modes are much more fun and interesting. I enjoy the fact that you can have the original video while you sing the song but it is also good to use the other modes as well.


The sound quality is excellent you have options available to adjust the volume of your voice as well as changing the songs so that a lot of the original background singing is cut out. The response from the mics is excellent as well as there is no obvious delays. The percussion is fun when you are doing it but when you get someone messing about in the background it can be annoying so just hide your controllers and/or spare mics!

Overall Score & Replayability

All in all I think this is excellent and a massive improvement on the first game which I was not expecting, the fact that the songs you have downloaded for the first work in this one and that you can download more which are available every weeks keep this game fresh. I find that often you don’t feel like playing it but once you start it is hard to stop. It is also quite fun if you want to play but your friends are not interested because if they are anything like mine you start playing on your own and then suddenly they do want to play after all.