Sony launches PS3 compatible mobile phone

October 14, 2009 by Ivan Cronyn  
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Aino PS3

Sony has launched a mobile phone that is compatible with the PS3. The Aino handset from Sony Ericsson comes with RemotePlay functionality, allowing users to access and control their PS3 media content from the phone, via the Internet or a home network. The touch-screen emulates a PS3 controller, allowing users to turn the PS3 on and off, browse the XMB interface, sign in to the PS3 network and send messages, shop on the PS3 store, and watch and record live television using PlayTV.

“Media Home and Remote Play with PlayStation 3 are key steps in broadening the entertainment experiences users can enjoy on their Sony Ericsson phone and gives a taste of our vision of the future,” said Alexandre Cardon, Sony Ericsson’s marketing business manager.