Perfect Dark Remake Hits Xbox-Live Arcade

March 17, 2010 by Andy Giff  
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Perfect Dark is a remake of the original N64 shooter

The remake of Rare’s classic first-person shooter – Perfect Dark is now available to download from Xbox-Live Arcade for 800 points.

The game features all of the original single-player and multiplayer modes with updated visuals, as well as 8-player online versus modes. Fans of Goldeneye also get a little treat as there are various maps and weapons from the N64 classic included in Perfect Dark XBLA.

Download the trial and give it a go!

GoldenEye Maps in Perfect Dark XBLA

February 19, 2010 by Andy Giff  
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The Xbox Live Arcade remake of Perfect Dark will be released in March of this year

The executive producer of the remake of Perfect Dark for XBLA told Kotaku that the game will contain maps and weapons from GoldenEye in its multiplayer mode.

The weapons will appear under different names to their GoldenEye counterparts, and the maps that were featured in the original Perfect Dark (Felicity, Temple and Complex) will also appear in the remake.

This is sure to please many of the people that have been demanding GoldenEye be released on XBLA, though it does raise the question once again as to why Rare won’t (or can’t) just release GoldenEye itself…

Perfect Dark will be released on Xbox Live Arcade this March.