New Crackdown 2 Details

September 12, 2009 by Andy Giff  
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Crackdown 2, being developed by Ruffian Games, was announced at E3 this year

Crackdown 2, being developed by Ruffian Games, was announced at E3 this year

US magazine, Game Informer had the privilege of getting the first real details to do with Crackdown 2. They went to Ruffian Games and found out much more than what we previously knew.

All that we knew before was that it was a new developer (Ruffian Games instead of Realtime Worlds), that it would now be four-Player co-op and that there would be a competitive sixteen player online mode. According to Game Informer, the sequel sees the Agency in a three way-war when many of the inhabitants of Pacific City have been infected by a zombie-like virus, and a large portion of the rest are in a civilian gang unhappy that the government could not contain the virus.

If you didn’t notice, I did just say Pacific City. This is because we now know that the game takes place in the same city as the original Crackdown, although with a few changes. Some roads and buildings have been destroyed or demolished, and there will probably be new features here and there. Also featuring are new weapons and vehicles, now including a Helicopter. Some vehicles have been upgraded with things like mounted turrets to accomodate four players in co-op.

Finally they have said that the city decays over time due to the spreading infection, meaning that the city will certainly look and feel different, but maybe your favourite routes around the city will no longer be accessible due to collapsing buildings. The mutant civilians will also become more fearsome as the game progresses.

A lot of info to make any Crackdown fans look forward to the sequel just a bit more. I know I am.