Crackdown 2 To Get a Demo

January 20, 2010 by Thomas Mulrooney  
Filed under News, Xbox

Ruffian, the developer of Crackdown 2, has assured gamers that the game will get a pre-release demo.

James Cope, producer of the game, spoke to IGN about the possibility of a demo, confirming that there will be one but declining to say when we can expect to see it on Xbox Live.

“You can definitely expect a demo to hit Live before the game is out but I can’t say when that will be… yet,” said Cope.

“The Crackdown demo was fantastic and we want to carry on in that form.”

If you played the first Crackdown then you should know how hilariously fun the game can be when playing with a friend, so us fans won’t really need a demo if it’s more of the same with added goodness on top. Of course, that is the case as the game now has a fully fledged multiplayer mode that can support up to sixteen players, as well as four-player co-op for the main story mode.

Crackdown 2 has no firm release date, but Ruffian is aiming for a Q1/Q2 2010 release for Xbox 360.