Nintendo acknowledges Wii update problems

October 2, 2009 by Ivan Cronyn  
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Nintendo Wii

It seems the Wii system update 4.2 has been “bricking” some Wii consoles in the USA, according to many reports on the Nintendo of America support forums. After installing the update, people have seen their consoles freezing and refusing to reboot. Nintendo tech support staff have responded on the forums:

“Some of you have reported problems with your Wii console after updating to the Wii System Menu 4.2. The symptoms most people are describing usually occur when the Wii has been modified. However, some of you also mention your system has never been modified.

We’d like to help get your system working properly again. If you’re experiencing problems with your Wii console after downloading Wii System Menu 4.2, and you believe your system has not been modified, please give us a call. If we find that you have a normal system and the update caused your system to not work, we’ll repair it at no charge.”

There is no information yet on whether these problems are occurring in other countries.